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.Kitty Communism/Nana/Kitten.world
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About this community
+Founder // Nana

+Co-Founder // Khanitha

+For close friends

+Variety of topics will be covered

+ Mostly used over the summer


June 2007
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Myspace had End of the Year photos up. <3

Fear my Death Note theme. >:3

I'm currently here >>>: In my Room, Duh
I'm feeling >>>: tired*sleepy*
Currently listening to >>>: The News

Goal for Summer: Get more nerdy things. >>;

I'm currently here >>>: In my Room O:
I'm feeling >>>: happy:]]
Currently listening to >>>: Daddy Yankee- Rompe <3


Feeling super icky right now.

My throat's all scratch, seriously, wtf mate?

Read moreCollapse )
= =;; Night night for now.

---Nana ;3

(Pssst.. we need more members xD)

I'm currently here >>>: in my room xP
I'm feeling >>>: tired= =;; Blah.
Currently listening to >>>: Love Psychedelico :: "Last Smile" // Orange Range's :: "Yuugu Red"

Didn't do the journals... >_>;; *sparknotes*

I'm currently here >>>: in panic
I'm feeling >>>: bitchyx\
Currently listening to >>>: "My World" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation off of the "Sol-fa" Album

Welcome to Kitty Communism United. 

I'm the founder, Nana and my co-founder, Kitten, has yet to join. 
This Community is just for my close friends and its to talk in via journals and quick updates.
It will most likely be active during the summer, when we are all off from school and have the time to leisure about in front of the pale light being emitted from a computer screen.

No rules really, just make sure most things are kept... mostly appropriate.
You know me well enough to know what I find appropriate and what I don't. >>;;

Just be nice to one another is pretty much all I'm asking for.
Ranting is welcome, we're here for comfort.
Feel free to share any music you're listening to or any bands you recommend.
Post links to your latest artworks or group pictures.
Ask for AIMs, Yahoos, MSNs, etc etc. to talk via Instant Messaging.

This is just to keep in touch and to read up on what's new and what's up.

As a last note, with the exception of this journal, use LJ-Cuts to hide overly long journals out of courtesy to others.
Thank you.


Now there's no use in wasting an entry, so, I'll just add tidbits on my current life.

Current love of my life: Miss Kitty Panda

Current short term goal: Finish my English Assignment, reading "Anthem" by Ayn Rand and bullshitting 12 journal entries on it.

Current semi-long term goal: To make it through finals and to the summer

Future goal: Planning a sleepover or BBQ 

Music: Japanese Pop Radio Station // Tin Car Bell by Yuki

IMs Open: Tyler, Hannah and Troy. (21 people out of over 100 are online on AIM)

Doing: Nothing, just sulking a tad.

And, that's pretty much all. 

Nana Out.

I'm currently here >>>: in my room
I'm feeling >>>: blankmoodless.
Currently listening to >>>: Tin Car Bell by Yuki from the "Joy" Album
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